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This massage-based facial delivers a potent blend of natural anti-ageing techniques in a soporific and restorative ritual. Expect to find myofascial release to break through restrictions in the connective tissue that result from repeatedly holding facial expressions; Japanese acupressure to release tension and promote the smooth flowing of energy around the face and body; lymphatic drainage to detoxify and clarify the skin and traditional facial massage which stimulates the skin cells to produce plumping collagen and increases the penetration of the natural, essential oil-charged facial oils applied during the massage. These manual rejuvenation techniques are delivered in a deftly choreographed dance of the fingertips across the face that transports you into a meditative state where your body’s own self-healing mechanism kicks in, providing a treatment that is profoundly restorative as well as visibly enhancing.


The skin is thoroughly cleansed, exfoliated and massaged using exquisite aromatherapy skincare preparations that deliver natural nourishment to every cell, while an additional massage using a rose quartz Gua Sha (a Chinese facial massage tool) stimulates circulation, breaks down scar tissue and improves skin tone and elasticity. After an hour of intensive hands-on care, skin is infused with vitality, lines and wrinkles are softened, contours perk up and a deep sense of inner peace prevails as the nervous system regains its equilibrium.


Natural facial rejuvenation

F A C I A L  R E J U V E N A T I O N

Natural facial rejuvenation is becoming an increasingly popular – and highly effective - alternative to invasive anti-ageing procedures. Based around hands-on massage techniques, it works on many of the signs of ageing simultaneously. Facial massage boosts circulation, promoting the flow of glow-inducing oxygen and nutrients to the skin and draining away toxins and puffiness; it counters gravity by physically lifting up sagging facial tissue; and it breaks up restrictions in the fascia (the web of connective tissue surrounding all the structures in the body and face) that cause fine lines when we habitually repeat facial expressions.


Besides homing in on the skin’s physical structure, stimulating and unblocking facial acupressure points works to restore the flow of vital energy (Chi), not just in the face, but in the whole mind/body system – the theory being that when we are balanced internally, our external beauty can shine.

Facial Rejuvenation