Deep tissue massage sees the muscles thoroughly manipulated in order to relieve physical tension and pain. Working deeply yet slowly, I target the specific muscles involved in particular pain problems, while keeping the level of pressure within a manageable range. Many of the techniques used during a deep tissue massage are the same as those used for remedial massage. The end result is a more comfortable body coupled with greater flexibility and a greater range of movement in restricted areas.

Every massage is tailored to your needs on the day, fusing the techniques required to address your physical and emotional needs. I believe in a nourishing approach so, while my treatments use deep tissue techniques such as trigger point therapy and myofascial release, these are woven into a caring framework and applied slowly and sensitively so as to deliver profound relaxation as well as fast, lasting results.


No matter what type of massage you book, you will receive a personalised treatment that zones in on your trouble spots but here is an idea of what to expect from the different massage modalities I add to the mix…

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Every structure in the body is linked by a web of connective tissue known as fascia. Over 90% of the nerve endings in the body are located in the fascia so this is where we register trauma on a physical level. It is now understood that pain in the body often results from restrictions in the fascia (not simply the muscles) and that freeing this structure can both dramatically reduce pain and provide catharsis for past traumas that have been held in the tissues. Myofascial release is an oil-free form of bodywork that ranges from subtle, energetic ‘indirect’ holds such as work around the cranial and sacral bones to ‘direct’ strokes that engage more strongly with the fascia, compressing the tissue and physically moving it to facilitate an opening.



As women’s bodies change during pregnancy to accommodate their baby’s growth, they may experience pain in areas they are not accustomed to. Pregnancy massage can be used to alleviate the muscular tightness and pain commonly felt during the gestation period such as lower back and hip pain as well as conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome that may arise. It will also help you to deeply relax, rebalance fluctuating hormones, as well as relieve fluid retention and introduce your baby to the benefits of nurturing touch. Prenatal experts agree that relaxation during pregnancy increases the chances of a positive birth experience. In the later stages of pregnancy, acupressure points are included to promote a punctual delivery.

Combining sports and deep tissue techniques, trigger point therapy, myofascial release, stretching and aftercare exercises, remedial massage treatments focus on reducing pain and helping injuries to heal. I incorporate stretches to lengthen the muscles and provide aftercare exercises to maintain the benefits between appointments. They are extremely effective on sports injuries, persistent pain pathologies such as frozen shoulder, tennis elbow or piriformis syndrome (which produces sciatic-like pain) but work equally well on muscular tension resulting from poor posture or emotional blockages. A dramatic improvement can be seen in problems treated over a course of 4-6 weekly sessions.

During a hot stone massage, the body is massaged with heated volcanic basalt stones which are excellent at retaining heat thanks to their high iron ore content. The heated stones warm and soften the muscles, enabling deeper tissue work to be applied with greater ease and less pain. They also increase the flow of blood and lymph to the tissues, boosting circulation and helping to flush away toxins that become trapped in restricted muscles. For injured areas and stubborn knots, cold stones can be introduced and a technique known as ‘contrast bathing’ applied, during which hot and cold stones are alternated to flush the area of toxins and speed up recovery.

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