“I am so fortunate to have found Helen and wouldn't dream of seeing anyone else. She is life enhancing, life affirming and life changing.  My first massage with her came at a stressful time and after a detailed discussion she used multiple techniques that suited my body making me feel refreshed and energised. She is always interested in my wellbeing before, during and after a massage and creates a relaxing, safe environment allowing me to 'let go'. Having had regular massages around the world I can confidently say Helen is one of the best.”

“I first visited Helen with an on-going sports injury: a sharp pain in my hip when squatting with a heavy weight. After one session, Helen diagnosed the source of the problem and advised me on stretches and exercises. Four massages later, the problem was cured and I could return to heavy legwork at the gym. Now I'm a regular client, she has taken the time to learn the peculiarities of my body and can respond to them in such a way that I leave feeling fit, relaxed and focussed. Her hands are methodical, disciplined and strong whilst still soothing and caring. Stubborn knots are released, tissues are deeply massaged, yet somehow I always manage to fall asleep in her care.”

Phil McCreery

“I would highly recommend Helen's treatments to anyone who wants or needs deep relaxation and rebalancing. Helen's touch is very sensitive and in tune to the needs of her clients. I was suffering from complete exhaustion and Helen's gentle, thorough and loving touch instantly brought me back to life.”

Emma Hardie, facialist

“I have experienced many massages in the past, particularly in my previous career as a fashion and beauty editor. Lots of treatments, in my mind, come with too many frills and no substance. It is often more about the spa experience than the standard of the massage. So, I am very happy to have found Helen. She has a wealth of experience and knowledge, plus a lovely calm, professional approach.  She listens to my requirements but also, during the massage, she responds to what she can feel my body needs. The result is a relaxing, therapeutic and tension-busting massage.”

Teresa Skrgatic

“Helen’s treatments have proved to be incredibly effective for me. They have provided relief from the stress of looking after my mother who was dying of cancer, reduced the frequency and intensity of my back and neck pain and helped me cultivate a sense of peace and joy. They are one of the few things in life that are both blissful at the time and also come with long-term benefits to body and mind. They have helped me overcome longstanding emotional and physical barriers. I feel more optimistic, more flexible and ten years younger!”

Rob Parker

“I have no doubt that Helen has found her vocation. Her massage and intuitive caring nature are incomparable.”

Cormac McAdam, DJ/producer

“I got my first deep tissue massage with Helen over two years ago and her treatments are without question the best I have experienced.  Helen is a breath of fresh air, friendly and very welcoming and instantly creates a tranquil environment.  Helen’s treatments have given immediate and sustained results, not only soothing away the aches and pains of having an active, sporty lifestyle but also leaving me feeling relaxed, invigorated and ready for the next challenge ahead.”

Jenny Duggan

“After a massage with Helen focussing on my neck and shoulders I was amazed to find that the headache had been suffering for some time had gone the next morning. I also felt an incredible sense of Zen – it was quite unlike any other deep tissue massage.”

Mark Kilian

Susannah Laing, actress


“Having formerly been a beauty editor in New York, I've been treated to countless world-class facials and spa treatments. I tried a facial with Helen on a whim after a recommendation from a close friend. To say I would put her in my top five facials of all time is no exaggeration. Her gentle demeanor enables you to drift off as soon as she begins. The facial itself is nothing short of magic and what follows can only be described as 90 minutes of pure bliss. I leave serene and my skin glows for days. I'm hooked!”

Rebecca Agalli

"A treatment with Helen takes you to another world. When you're in need of some time to reconnect with your body there is nothing like her healing hands. Her massages and facials always feel like they’re designed specifically for you and they’re always just right, always heaven."

Naomi Reynolds, founder of Yoga On The Lane


''Helen has been coming to me weekly for 2 years now. I couldn't recommend her highly enough, each session is tailored to what I need - both in terms of massage and facials. Her aromatherapy knowledge has proved extremely beneficial: she mixed me a bespoke formula which cured my eczema. I find her sessions to be restorative not only on a physical level but also for my overall wellbeing.''

Faye Toogood, designer